Inoleds: The Brilliance of FrenchTech in Your Interior

Welcome to the world of Inoleds, a flagship company of FrenchTech, specializing in interior LED lighting. Inoleds stands out for its ability to combine cutting-edge technology and elegant design, offering innovative and aesthetic lighting solutions for all interiors.

Inoleds, a Benchmark of FrenchTech

Inoleds embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity that characterizes FrenchTech. Each luminaire is the result of meticulous design, reflecting the excellence of French design and technology. By choosing Inoleds, you bring a touch of French elegance to your living space.

A Range of Products Combining Aesthetics and Performance

Inoleds offers a variety of LED luminaires that transform the ambiance of any interior space:

  • Arc Floor Lamp: A modern and elegant design, ideal for illuminating and enhancing any corner of your home.
  • Sand Table Lamp: Perfect for creating a warm atmosphere, this lamp combines aesthetics and functionality.
  • Sunset Floor Lamp: A luminaire that brings a touch of modernity and soft light to your living room.
  • Jetta Pendant Light: A suspended lighting with a sleek design, perfect for contemporary spaces.
  • Cube Wall Sconce: A modern wall lighting solution that adds an artistic touch to your decoration.
  • Throne Light RGB Floor Lamp: This floor lamp offers a unique lighting experience with its RGB functionality, perfect for creating varied atmospheres.

Why Choose Inoleds?

  • Energy Saving: Inoleds’ LEDs, such as the Connected LED Strip, consume less energy than traditional bulbs.
  • Durability: With an extended lifespan, Inoleds luminaires are a sustainable investment.
  • Unique Design: Each Inoleds product is a work of art, designed to beautify your interior.

The Inoleds Customer Experience: A Guarantee of Quality

Customer reviews of Inoleds testify to the exceptional quality and positive impact of these luminaires on their daily lives. Each comment reflects customer satisfaction with French innovation and design.

Join the Inoleds Community

Discover the world of Inoleds and bring a touch of FrenchTech into your interior. Visit to explore our complete range and transform your space with elegance and innovation.

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