The Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Front of House‍

High-quality outdoor lighting can be the difference between a nighttime experience that’s memorable, and one that’s almost impossible to see. While indoor lighting can be as innovative and detailed as you like, the outdoor landscape is often the last space to receive attention when it comes to your house’s design. This is a shame, because with simple tweaks to your outdoor lighting, you can not only make your guests feel more welcome, but also increase their feelings of safety once the sun goes down. Here are some of our best ideas for outdoor lighting that will give your front of house an instant revamp.

outdoor lighting ideas for front of house
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Top 6 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Front of House

Install motion-sensing lights

Often overlooked, motion-sensing outdoor lights are the easiest way to brighten up the outdoor areas of your house. They can be mounted on walls, trees, or rooflines, and come in a variety of styles and colours. These lights will only turn on when someone or something passes by, meaning that they won’t burn energy needlessly or create any unnecessary glare. When choosing your outdoor lights, it’s important to take your house’s aesthetic into account. If you’re in a city or urban location, it may be better to select low-profile lights that won’t stand out too much against the skyline. If you’re in a suburban or rural area, it might be helpful to choose lights with a more ornate aesthetic. These will look more out of place in a city setting, but can really stand out on a more open landscape.

So, here are some outdoor lighting ideas for front of the house. Enjoy!

Add spotlights to key areas

While low-profile lights will offer your guests general lighting, spotlights can be added to specific areas to really bring them to life. These can be used outside to illuminate planters, seating areas, or your front door and welcome sign. They can also be used inside to highlight artwork, merchandising displays, or architectural features such as windows. However, it’s important not to be too centralised with your spotlights. This is because it can create a blinding effect and make your guests feel as though you’re shining the light directly in their eyes. Instead, use them to create general pools of light that allow your guests to see their surroundings, but don’t overpower them.

Add coloured accent lighting

Accent lighting is useful for drawing attention to certain objects or areas. Aside from that, it can also be used to change the feel of a space entirely. You can use accent lighting in any outdoor area, and can even be helpful indoors when used in moderation. It can be helpful to select a colour scheme for your outdoor lighting to tie it into your brand’s colour palette. This can be as simple as installing coloured bulbs, or using coloured light strips. A simple blue light can be used to draw attention to a water feature or planted area. Vibrant red and yellow lights can be helpful in creating a festive, summery feel.

Use vibrant coloured light bulbs

If coloured light strips aren’t your style, or you’re looking to create a unique look, you can also choose to install coloured light bulbs instead. This can be helpful if you have specific architectural features. For example: rooftop sign, windows, or doorways, that you want to draw attention to. Are you using red, blue, or yellow light bulbs in particular? Well, it can also be helpful to have them on a timer so that they only come on at certain times of the day, such as during evening hours. This can be an easy and cost-effective way to create a consistent look, while extending the life of your bulbs.

Install floodlight areas

If you have an outdoor seating area or function area, floodlights can be a helpful investment. You can power floodlights with either wires or a battery. You can also be install either along the rooflines of your building, or on the sides of planters, pergolas, or trees. If you have a rooftop seating area, they can be helpful in illuminating the area, while also keeping a consistent aesthetic with your buildings’ general aesthetic.

Do you have a function area that you want to be illuminated? Perhaps a large outdoor dining area? Well, floodlights can be helpful in making sure the whole area is evenly lit. You can also use floodlights as security lights that turn on when the sun goes down. They can be helpful in keeping your outdoor areas lit throughout the evening hours, while creating an overall feeling of safety.

Utility LED lighting

Finally, utility LED lighting can be helpful in illuminating walkways, pathways, and other areas of your outdoor space that don’t require general lighting. This can be helpful for creating a pathway to your front door. Or it can make sure guests can get to and from their cars without stumbling in the dark. Utility LED lighting can be helpful in illuminating walkways, as well as areas near your parking lot. It can also be helpful in illuminating your landscaping, such as gardens and water features, while keeping an aesthetic that’s consistent with the rest of your house. With these ideas in mind, it shouldn’t be difficult to create an outdoor experience that’s both welcoming and exciting, while also feeling safe and welcoming. 

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Conclusion: Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Front of House

Choosing the right kind of lighting is critical to a successful design. This is because it can help to illuminate and showcase certain areas of hour outdoor space. It also creates a consistent atmosphere throughout your house. There are a variety of different types of lighting to choose from. Each different types of lighting come with different benefits and drawbacks. Thus, sometimes making the decision making process a bit confusing.

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